Travel & Leisure’s August ’07 issue has the results of their annual reader’s poll. It lists the top vote-getting hotels all over the world, including the 25 best hotels from Latin America.

I guess it shows we don’t pick what we cover out of thin air because we have already reviewed 21 of the 25 hotels that made the list. Two of the remaining ones I will be reviewing myself in October, in Zihutanejo, Mexico. This includes the number 1 winner, La Casa Que Canta, nosing out the number 2 one Four Seasons Buenos Aires.

For those keeping score, number 3 was Esperanza in Los Cabos, number 4 was the Ritz-Carlton in Santiago, and number 4 was One & Only Palmilla in Los Cabos.

Take the exact placement of these winners with a giant chunk of rock salt. Few people who travel frequently in that region would put the Ritz-Carlton Santiago above the Park Hyatt in Mendoza (# 12) or the Hotel Monasterio in Cuzco (#19), but hotels in large cities or major resort areas tend to get more votes than the others. The important thing is, we try to present a rounded view of the best places to stay, leaving it up to you to decide which one is right for you, whether the place is #4, #24, or isn’t on the list.

By the way though, two we covered showed up on T&L’s list of Top 15 Hotels $250 or Less. They were Blancaneaux Lodge and Lodge at Chaa Creek, both in Belize.