dos casas san miguel

Earlier on this blog I posted a video of tour of Casa de Sierra Nevada, the top large hotel in San Miguel de Allende. But we have two other hotels with full reviews on Luxury Latin America: the stunning Dos Casas and the whimsical Casa Linda. Any of these three will make your stay in this picture-perfect city even more special.

There are plenty of other small hotels in San Miguel that have gotten loads of press and made the “hot list” of some magazine or another. We only like to send you to the best, however, so we’ve passed on the others. Oasis, for example, is a favorite because it photographs well (and therefore looks great in a magazine spread). When you take away the stylish decor, however, what you have left is four rooms and a roof deck, with breakfast and sunset cocktails the only things on offer once you leave your room. Plus we stopped by twice to check the place out and neither time was there anyone present who spoke any English. Yes, some of us speak Spanish, but we shouldn’t have to at $300 a night.