I’m going to be running a series of posts on resorts around Los Cabos this week, next up with the impressive Cabo Azul Resort & Spa. First up, here’s a video tour of the pool complex, bar, and restaurant on a typical sunny day. Scroll down afterward to see a few photos.

Cabo Azul is a popular hotel for upscale destination weddings and once you see where these take place, no wonder. What they call a “wedding chapel” here is an amazing open-air church where the bride, groom, and guests have a view of the sea and palm trees during the ceremony. (If you’re Jewish, they’ll yank that cross out of the way and there’s a Star of David up above—an equal opportunity room.) On the roof is a reception area with a panorama of sea, sand, and pool.


I didn’t spend the night there, but our reviewer who covered it before did. I did have the breakfast below there though: does this make you salivate or what?


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