We just posted a review of the Libertador Hotel Paracas, on the Pacific Coast of Peru, about three hours south of Lima. In most countries the opening of a luxury oceanfront resort is pretty routine, but in Peru’s case it’s a big deal. Despite having 1,500 miles of coastland, this country has never had anything close to a 5-star hotel on the water unless you count the two with a view in Lima, perched high above the Pacific.

So now there’s a reason to head south besides getting a peek at the Nazca lines.

“It is one of the most dramatic points of Peru’s coastal desert, in close proximity to coastal cliffs and towering sand dunes. Architect Bernardo Fort-Brescia, whose credits include the Four Seasons Dubai and Canyon Ranch Miami, designed the 121-room property made up of two-level white buildings.”

The major nature reserve containing Islas Ballestas is nearby, reached by boat, and the hotel offers excursions to the Nazca Lines or the Tambo Colorado archeological complex. Meanwhile, Hotel Paracas is also a nice place to just hang out by the pool and eat seafood at night.

See our full review here and keep an eye on the reawakening of the Libertador chain. They are busy opening other new hotels in the future and are revamping their ones in Cusco and Arequipa.