In cheesy, overbuilt Cancun, wouldn’t it be nice to have a filtered guide to the best beaches, the best eats, and the best bars not filled with drunk 18-year-olds? Download the Cool Cancun app from the iTunes Apps store—for the moment on sale for 99 cents—and you’ll be immediately in the know.

I like to give a shout-out when one of our regular contributors to Luxury Latin America has something else in the works worth mentioning. This is something I can highly recommend. Zora O’Neill writes the Rough Guide to the Yucatan and Cancun & Cozumel Directions. Over the years she has developed a keen sense of what’s worthwhile and where the bargains are.

The app gives opinionated and spot-on reviews of a few paragraphs each in several categories, which you can search by name, location, or price. There are Basics (transportation, hotels, beach tips), restaurants, clubs, shopping, and more. That includes one addition you won’t get from the likes of Time Out: “Kid-friendly.”

Admit it, if you’re spending every day at the Ritz-Carlton Cancun, after a while aren’t you itching to get out and eat some real Mexican food, maybe some tacos pastor at a lively stand that’s open past midnight? Download Cool Cancun and Isla Mujeres and you’ll be chowing down and hitting the cool clubs like a local expat, frequenting the great places and ignoring the worst tourist traps. If you’re heading that way, it’s a no-brainer.

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