In a resort area where there are seemingly hundreds of similar hotels and timeshares crammed into every available beachfront space, how do you stand out with a new hotel? In the case of Taheima in the Puerto Vallarta region of Mexico, the answer is to ignore the hedonism and focus on wellness instead.

Taheima is a new resort in Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit that is very different than the norm. First of all, it’s not even on the beach. Sure, guests can get shuttled to a beach club that is just a few minutes away, but your focus is more within. Here you eat healthy food that’s tasty and learn how to cook it. You exercise and do yoga. You take ceramics classes and Pilates.

But don’t worry, this is not a place that wants you to live like a vegan monk. There are two huge swimming pools, hot tubs, and a bar that opens at 5 pm. You can play golf or tennis at the adjoining Le Tigre club. Two restaurants offer French food and upscale Mexican food. And the rooms are downright sumptuous.

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