The first thing that comes to mind when you hear Cali, Colombia is probably not “luxury.” After a couple of decades of having the word “cartel” attached to the city’s name in the news, it has taken a while for Cali to shake off its reputation. When Colombia was synonymous with white powder, this was the home of an organization that at its height controlled around 90% of the coke market in the U.S. and Europe.

But these are different times in Colombia now and Cali has been tamed to the point where it can support its first luxury lodging: Hotel Spiwak Chipichape. There are some odd traits to it, the main one being that it’s integrated into the city’s largest shopping mall, but the fact that it’s here at all is a cause for celebration.

Our reviewer who visited says that despite rates that only top out at $390 for a suite with 1,355 square feet, you won’t get dinged over and over again for more fees.

“Feel free to raid the mini-bar’s complimentary snacks (water, soda, nuts, etc.) while enjoying complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the hotel (not just in your room). Even a buffet breakfast at the main restaurant is included in the room rate.”

I really enjoyed my time in Colombia when I did the Coffee Triangle story and am looking forward to the day when I can return. If you’re heading that way soon, the old hotbeds of Medellin and Cali are ready to welcome you.

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