tequila review

The first time Blue Head Tequila passed my lips was recently when I attended the Clearwater Uncorked festival on the beach in Florida. Separate from the sea of wine pourings, inside the Hyatt Clearwater, was a room with just a few select brands of spirits, this being one of them. Apparently the distributor for this brand is based in Tampa, though of course the tequila itself is from the state of Jalisco, Mexico.

I’ve been missing out, however, since this brand has been knocking back awards since 2008, every year scoring a gold, double gold, or “best in show” at tasting competitions.

I tasted all three types, all 100% blue agave, and found the blanco to be exceptional. It has plenty of real agave flavor, but without a lot of bite. The reposado is also excellent, with plenty of caramel and spiciness, resulting in a pleasant, long-lasting finish. It’s good enough to sip neat over a long period.

I wasn’t as thrilled with the añejo version. To me it felt a bit unbalanced and kind of harsh on the finish. Ten months in oak is often about the limit for tequila and even in that bit of time the makeup of the oak barrels themselves can have as much impact on the final outcome as the liquor that went into them. If I’ve learned anything from doing tasting tours though, taste is often a matter of taste. One man’s least favorite is another man’s favorite, so don’t let me sway you from testing it out if you see it on a bar shelf. (I love Don Julio añejo for instance, which some others find “too wimpy.”)

I’m not sure how widespread Blue Head Tequila is at retail, but this new bottle should help. The old one was hand-blown and pretty, but had a big Native American head painted with war face paint on it. It didn’t exactly look elegant. This design is more fitting for a tequila that lists for $45+ a bottle.