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Luxury Travel Trends for 2012

I just spent a couple days at the Luxury Travel Expo in Las Vegas. This is an annual meet-up between high-performing travel agents and many of the companies catering to the upscale travel market. In general, luxury travelers like you are still out and about as much as ever. After a dip in 2010, many [...]

Amazon Cruising Gets Even Swankier

It wasn’t all that long ago that we posted a story about cruising the Amazon of Peru with Aqua Expeditions. They were taking passengers into the jungle in a ship far fancier than anything else on the water. Now they’ve upped their own ante and launched the M.V. Aria, pictured above. One of our writers [...]

Getting Around on the Ground in Style

During the last Passports with Purpose charity drive run by a group of bloggers I won a voucher from Groundlink. This was right after I had just seen a presentation from them at an annual travel tech conference. I got to use it this summer in Mexico City. More on that in a minute. What [...]

Banyan Tree’s Second Mexico Resort

It was 2010 when Banyan Tree opened its second opulent resort in Mexico, following up its fantastic debut resort in the Mayakoba development of the Riviera Maya. We’ve been in no hurry to get a review up though because of where they decided to put it: in Acapulco. That probably seemed like a good idea [...]

Luxury Travel News from Latin America – Late Summer 2012

We’re working on some new hotel reviews and luxury real estate features running soon, but meanwhile here’s a look at what others are reporting on for travel and living in Latin America. Here’s the 857th journalist surprised that Colombia feels like a safe place to travel. (OK, I’m just guessing on that number but it [...]

Trump Panama Hotel – Now Open for Business

It’s been in the news ever since we launched Luxury Latin America several years ago, and for good reason: the Trump tower in Panama City, Panama was either going to succeed in a stupendous fashion or fall apart in a stupendous fashion. Anything in the middle would not be worthy of the Trump name. Fortunately [...]