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Which Luxury Hotels are Readers Checking Out the Most?

It’s always fascinating when I pull up the statistics for Luxury Latin America, partly because they change a fair bit from month to month, partly because I’m regularly surprised by which pages bubble to the top. Lots of factors influence who’s clicking on what: other media coverage, what’s coming up in searches, and where it’s […]

Tourism Climbing in Central America

First it was Mexico reporting a big increase in tourism. They said the number of foreign visitors arriving at its airports the first eight months of the year were up 19.2 percent over the terrible 2009. Central American countries are starting to celebrate as well, with reports that there’s a full recovery going on across […]

Wrath of Nature in Guatemala

If you haven’t seen this picture yet of the giant sinkhole that opened up in Guatemala City and swallowed a whole building, yes, it’s real. No Jerry Bruckheimer movie effect necessary. There’s another one at the bottom of this post. That’s just the most visible manifestation though of a hellish one-two punch from Mother Nature […]

How the Dollar is Faring in Latin America

The plummeting euro has been all over the news the past few months. In a strange twist of fate, the non-Chavez-leaning countries of Latin America are looking like models of fiscal stability now compared to their colonial cousins in Spain and Portugal. The euro is at its lowest level in five years against the greenback […]

Laguna Lodge on Lake Atitlan

Central America has long been in the forefront of eco-tourism, but much of the focus has not been on Guatemala, but some of its neighbors to the south. Our man on the scene, Al Argueta, says it’s time to add Laguna Lodge on Lake Atitlan to the list of eco-friendly resorts that are also pampering […]

Guatemala’s Best Golf Resort – La Reunion

“Central America” and “great golf courses” haven’t exactly gone together like chocolate and peanut butter, despite all the opportunities for scenic vistas and locations next to the sea. Mostly this has been a matter of economics since the local demand wasn’t there and the stream of upscale tourists wasn’t dependable enough. In some places the […]