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Which luxury hotels in Latin America are readers clicking on the most? There’s nothing slightly scientific about this since popularity can be driven by many things: a write-up in a magazine, a hotel being on TV, or a link from another popular website. Still, it’s interesting to take a look at which hotels are getting [...]

How the Dollar is Faring in Latin America

The plummeting euro has been all over the news the past few months. In a strange twist of fate, the non-Chavez-leaning countries of Latin America are looking like models of fiscal stability now compared to their colonial cousins in Spain and Portugal. The euro is at its lowest level in five years against the greenback [...]

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The popularity of different sections of Luxury Latin America will ebb and flow with the seasons and with which destinations are getting media coverage—good and bad. When we started, Mexico had no trouble ruling the roost, but it has declined a bit in the past year with all the negative cable news attention on the [...]

How Much of Your Flight Cost Goes to Fuel?

There are a lot of elements that go into the price of a flight, from staff costs to government fees to landing gate charges at airports. One big variable—and the ones most airlines use to justify all kinds of add-ons and extras—is the price of fuel. Well how much does it really cost to carry [...]

Latin America Travel News

A few notable travel-related news bites from around the Americas… – Honduras situation resolved…sort of. The U.S. dropped Honduras from its travel advisory after recent elections had a good turnout and went peacefully. Unfortunately, that’s still not the end of it since most governments are not recognizing the new leader as legit and the kicked-out [...]