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The popularity of different sections of Luxury Latin America will ebb and flow with the seasons and with which destinations are getting media coverage—good and bad. When we started, Mexico had no trouble ruling the roost, but it has declined a bit in the past year with all the negative cable news attention on the […]

How Much of Your Flight Cost Goes to Fuel?

There are a lot of elements that go into the price of a flight, from staff costs to government fees to landing gate charges at airports. One big variable—and the ones most airlines use to justify all kinds of add-ons and extras—is the price of fuel. Well how much does it really cost to carry […]

Latin America Travel News

A few notable travel-related news bites from around the Americas… – Honduras situation resolved…sort of. The U.S. dropped Honduras from its travel advisory after recent elections had a good turnout and went peacefully. Unfortunately, that’s still not the end of it since most governments are not recognizing the new leader as legit and the kicked-out […]

Central America’s Tourism Slogan Problem

There’s apparently something in the water in Central America that inspires their tourism boards to latch onto silly and meaningless slogans like a birdwatcher reaching for binoculars. The latest one to earn guffaws and ridicule is Panama’s, which is a year old but just got pilloried by this Jaunted post: Panama Picks A Tourism Slogan […]

Shenanigans in Honduras

In case you missed it in all the 24/7 Michael Jackson coverage, there was a military coup in Honduras over the weekend. If your travel plans in the coming weeks had something to do with Honduras, you may want to keep an eye on the news. This story has more layers than a big fat […]

Latin American Airlines – Grupo TACA

My last experience with the airline TACA, in Peru, didn’t start off well. Picture four gate agents and three luggage handoff points for a line stretching halfway down the Cusco terminal. It took 65 minutes to get to the front. The flight was delayed anyway, then delayed again waiting for the plane to get there […]