Honduras Archive

Shenanigans in Honduras

In case you missed it in all the 24/7 Michael Jackson coverage, there was a military coup in Honduras over the weekend. If your travel plans in the coming weeks had something to do with Honduras, you may want to keep an eye on the news. This story has more layers than a big fat [...]

Latin American Airlines – Grupo TACA

My last experience with the airline TACA, in Peru, didn’t start off well. Picture four gate agents and three luggage handoff points for a line stretching halfway down the Cusco terminal. It took 65 minutes to get to the front. The flight was delayed anyway, then delayed again waiting for the plane to get there [...]

Top Ecolodges in Latin America

National Geographic Adventure had a rundown on top eco-lodges around the world in its November issue. Since Costa Rica played a part in starting the whole trend back before it was mainstream, naturally there are a few in the Americas. Here’s a link to NGA’s site, with an ecolodges interactive map. Balancing green building and [...]

Honduras for the Non-diver

We recently posted a story I wrote after a tour of Honduras, called Honduras Above the Water. For a variety of good reasons, I’ve never gotten certified as a scuba diver. I’m usually pretty content to go snorkeling anyway and haven’t had some “must do before I die” driving force to get me under the [...]

New Hotel Reviews for Honduras

I got back from Honduras recently and have posted some new reviews of some of the best hotels on Roatan Island and one new one for Copan. All our Honduras hotels come with a caveat or two I must admit. There is not one hotel in the whole country that is on par with the [...]