Honduras Archive

Top Ecolodges in Latin America

National Geographic Adventure had a rundown on top eco-lodges around the world in its November issue. Since Costa Rica played a part in starting the whole trend back before it was mainstream, naturally there are a few in the Americas. Here’s a link to NGA’s site, with an ecolodges interactive map. Balancing green building and […]

Honduras for the Non-diver

We recently posted a story I wrote after a tour of Honduras, called Honduras Above the Water. For a variety of good reasons, I’ve never gotten certified as a scuba diver. I’m usually pretty content to go snorkeling anyway and haven’t had some “must do before I die” driving force to get me under the […]

New Hotel Reviews for Honduras

I got back from Honduras recently and have posted some new reviews of some of the best hotels on Roatan Island and one new one for Copan. All our Honduras hotels come with a caveat or two I must admit. There is not one hotel in the whole country that is on par with the […]

Video Tour of Infinity Bay in Roatan

I recently returned from a trip to Roatan Island in Honduras, where the cement trucks are very, very busy these days. One of the best–if not the best–beaches on the island is West Bay, which has a string of hotels and restaurants on a beautiful crescent stretch of sand. There’s a new condo complex which […]

Roatan’s Cruise Ship Future

This could be the beginning of the end for the formerly uncrowded Honduran island of Roatan. As the Wall Street Journal reported in The Next Place in the Sun, the island could soon turn into just another tacky Caribbean cruise port. Royal Caribbean just inked a deal to build a $30 million extension to the […]

New Hotel Additions in Guatemala and Honduras

We now have detailed reviews posted for the best Guatemala luxury hotels and the best Honduras luxury hotels. Here’s the full press release that went out last week. Neither of these destinations have a full bounty of upscale hotels and resorts as they just haven’t had the traffic to justify it so far. This is […]