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When Being Hip Trumps Function at Designer Hotels

There’s a great article in USA that came out about a month ago called, Is Your Hotel Too Hip for You? It runs down, in detail, all the problems people past the young, hip, and single phase of life have with designer boutique hotels. “…complicated in-room control panels that bewilder, oddly placed fixtures (think bathtub [&hellip

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Another Baffling Travel Magazine Readers’ Poll

Every year when the big travel magazines publish their readers’ polls, I feel even better about the service we’re providing here at Luxury Latin America. Not because sometimes our picks are on their lists, but because I see how laughably out of whack these polls can be. I know they’re a joke for two reasons. [&hellip

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Top Hotels in Central and South America

The annual Travel & Leisure hotel issue is out now, with lots of info on hotel trends and where we’re headed. As usual, the have a top-10 list of hotels for each region, plus some picks for the most notable new hotel openings of the year. I always think these readers’ lists are pretty screwy [&hellip

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Getting Faked Out by Hotel Photos

I got interviewed last week for this article that just came out in Walletpop.com: Hotel fakeout photos can lure you and your money. In Luxury Latin America, we only use hotel-supplied photos as a last resort, much to the chagrin of public relations people who want the same dreamy photos to be published everywhere that [&hellip

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Central America’s Tourism Slogan Problem

There’s apparently something in the water in Central America that inspires their tourism boards to latch onto silly and meaningless slogans like a birdwatcher reaching for binoculars. The latest one to earn guffaws and ridicule is Panama’s, which is a year old but just got pilloried by this Jaunted post: Panama Picks A Tourism Slogan [&hellip

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What Does “Luxury” Really Mean?

Marketing guru and all-around smart guy Seth Godin has a great concise post on his blog about “luxury” vs. “premium.” Luxury goods are needlessly expensive. By needlessly, I mean that the price is not related to performance. The price is related to scarcity, brand and storytelling. Premium goods, on the other hand, are expensive variants [&hellip

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