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Tequila Taste Test – Gran Centenario Reposado

After two weekends of somebody going “I can’t believe we drank that whole bottle in one night,” it’s a sign that I need to do a write-up on Gran Centenario Tequila. I’m living in Mexico right now and there’s a whole different pantheon of respected tequila brands than what you find in the U.S. First […]

Scotch Distillers Find a Growth Market in Latin America

New whiskey distilleries are opening up in Scotland and production is revving up at existing ones as sales take off in emerging markets. As with everything, China is driving part of this growth, but did you know sales have increased 44% in Brazil and 25% in Mexico? Ay Chihuahua! That’s according to this story, As […]

Latin American Spirits – Tequila Corralejo

If you’ve ever spent much time browsing the tequila shelves in Mexico, you’ve no doubt run across the striking slender bottles of Tequila Corralejo. I say “ever” because this was probably the first tequila brand to really differentiate itself with unusual packaging, long before the premium tequila boom hit the U.S. and companies started putting […]

Milagro Tequila Review

I’ve been wanting to review Milagro Tequila for a while because no matter what airport I’m flying out of in Latin America, Milagro always seems to be front and center at the duty free store. But who are these guys? You never see their bottles in a regular store in Mexico—just in the U.S.—and I […]

Ditch that Margarita Mix

Have you had 10 bad margaritas for every good one? You could be using inferior tequila that is not 100 percent agave, but a more likely reason is that you are using a distasteful concoction for the other main ingredient. One of the best articles I’ve ever seen on the perils of bar mixers just […]

Taste Test: Siembra Azul Tequila

For the past six years, sales of premium tequila have been averaging growth of 20 percent per year. The good side of that is that the rot-gut stuff that is only half agave is becoming less popular and the finely crafted good stuff is showing up in more and more bars. But which brands are […]