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Ron Centenario 9-year Rum: Like Warm Liquid Caramel

One of the nice things about traveling through Central America is that it’s easy to find really good rum for a ridiculously low price. I’m especially partial to the Ron Zacapa 15-year rum from Guatemala, but this 9-year Ron Centenario Conmemorativo bottle I picked up at a supermarket in Costa Rica has to be the […]

Tequila Taste Test – Gran Centenario Reposado

After two weekends of somebody going “I can’t believe we drank that whole bottle in one night,” it’s a sign that I need to do a write-up on Gran Centenario Tequila. I’m living in Mexico right now and there’s a whole different pantheon of respected tequila brands than what you find in the U.S. First […]

Luxury Goods Selling Again, but Tastes Changing

Several luxury goods makers have reported an increase in sales recently, with the latest being a 19% increase in year-over-year sales at Hermès reported last week. This is on the heels of LVMH reporting an 11% increase earlier. April same-store sales at Saks were up 3.2%. What’s interesting though is much of this rebound is […]

LVMH Luxury Brand Extending to Hotels

The world’s largest luxury goods company, LVMH, is extending its reach into hotels and resorts. Using the name of its Bordeaux winery, Cheval Blanc, the Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton company will add to its current French ski resort hotel with ones in Oman and Egypt in 2012 to start. As with many hotel brands like […]

Latin America and Your Roses

As you pick up some roses for your sweetie this Valentine’s Day and pay twice the rate of the rest of the year, take solace in the fact that they went through a lot to get here. Those pretty flowers you are holding were probably growing in the soil of Ecuador or Colombia just a […]

Great Sales on Travel Gear

Most travelers heading to Central America and South America are not doing it just to lie on a beach every day or putter around museums. So if there’s an element of nature or adventure in your itinerary, make sure you’ve got some decent travel gear before taking off. If what you’re packing is 10 years […]