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Great Sales on Travel Gear

Most travelers heading to Central America and South America are not doing it just to lie on a beach every day or putter around museums. So if there’s an element of nature or adventure in your itinerary, make sure you’ve got some decent travel gear before taking off. If what you’re packing is 10 years […]

Milagro Tequila Review

I’ve been wanting to review Milagro Tequila for a while because no matter what airport I’m flying out of in Latin America, Milagro always seems to be front and center at the duty free store. But who are these guys? You never see their bottles in a regular store in Mexico—just in the U.S.—and I […]

Taste Test: Siembra Azul Tequila

For the past six years, sales of premium tequila have been averaging growth of 20 percent per year. The good side of that is that the rot-gut stuff that is only half agave is becoming less popular and the finely crafted good stuff is showing up in more and more bars. But which brands are […]

Taste Test: Ron Zacapa Centenario Rum

It’s been awhile since I did any Latin American spirits taste test posts on here, so it’s time to pull out my reliable duty-free favorite Ron Zacapa. “Ron” is “rum” in these parts, but Mr. Zacapa is the king when it comes to Central America. You may see a local brand from Costa Rica or […]

The Plateau for High-End Spirits

Have you ever paid $250 for a bottle of liquor, thinking that premium price equates to extra quality? Hate to break it to you, but you’ve probably been duped by crafty marketing. As this newspaper article (which appeared in longer form in the Wall Street Journal) notes, after a certain point you’re just paying for […]

Nice Gear and Free Shipping

This is the time of year with the travel gear websites go all out to take advantage of the holiday shopping season. If you have a special someone on your list who has been more nice than naughty (or at least naughty in the right way), these online gear retailers are offering free shipping for […]