Ritz-Carlton Archive

Troubles in Luxury Real Estate

If someone has to drop the asking price of their house from $85 million to $72 million, should we feel sorry for them? That’s what has happened to poor Mohamed Hadid, who is best known for building Ritz-Carlton hotels in the 1980s. If you’re in the market for a 48,000-square-foot mansion, here’s the listing. While [...]

World Savers in Latin American Travel

Condé Nast Traveler’s current issue has a rundown of its annual World Saver Awards, recognizing those companies who “are dedicated to saving their communities and our world.” As you would expect in the original home of eco-tourism, Latin America has a strong presence in every category. Several organizations show up in multiple categories and some [...]

5-Diamond Hotels in Mexico from AAA

As we’ve tried to make clear in Luxury Latin America, we don’t put much faith in “five star” ratings doled out by tourism bureaus or local rating agencies. They are usually far too generous. While we don’t agree with all of AAA’s choices for its 5-diamond awards either, you certainly can’t fault them for handing [...]

The Best Hotels in Latin America

Two readers’ polls came out within two months of each other, from Condé Nast Traveler and Travel & Leisure. There is a bit of overlap in the results, but not much, which I find quite odd. Considering how similar those two magazines are (I forget which one I’m holding half the time unless I look [...]

Survey Says It’s the Service That Matters

When it comes to luxury hotels, it seems we’re no longer all that impressed with thread counts, spa sizes, plate-sized shower heads, and other things the hotel marketing people obsess about. It’s more intangible than that – service matters most. That’s the finding of a new hotel satisfaction survey from J.D. Power and Associates. This [...]