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The Best Wine Lodges Around Mendoza

One thing magazine editors love to do is highlight some concept that’s been around for years and act like it’s a new trend they just discovered. Thus this May article in National Geographic Traveler about wine lodges in Mendoza, Argentina: Bodegas Open Their Doors. After years of studying Spanish, I have found this word “bodega” […]

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Hotel with Art Museum – James Turrell Space at Colomé in Argentina

Editor’s note – Apparently making a real business out of a hotel in such an isolated location was not easy and the Colome Estancia Hotel is now closed. We’re leaving this up because it’s indexed in the search engines, but now you can just visit the museum and winery—not spend the night. The Colomé Estancia […]

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Paradise for Sale near Bariloche, Argentina

Last year I interviewed one of our business partners, Jamie Schectman, about renting a house in the Bariloche region of Patagonia. Jamie and his wife are American, but for the past few years they’ve been watching some of the world’s most incredible sunrises and sunsets over the Andes Mountains from their home beside the lake. […]

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Shaky Times in Argentina

Just two months after instituting a reciprocal visa fee for tourists to Argentina (meaning an extra $131 per person for Americans), the government of Argentina seems to be determined to rankle as many people as possible. The latest is “the biggest inflation surge to start the year in two decades,” according to the Wall Street […]

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Review of La Becasina Delta Lodge – Escape from Buenos Aires

When we can, we try to tap into travel writers who are living abroad and can give us the inside scoop. Often these writers, such as guidebook author and Buenos Aires resident Bridget Gleeson, have the connections and the eavesdropping ability to figure out which hotels aren’t on the international radar—but should be. Take the […]

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Latin America Travel News

A few notable travel-related news bites from around the Americas… – Honduras situation resolved…sort of. The U.S. dropped Honduras from its travel advisory after recent elections had a good turnout and went peacefully. Unfortunately, that’s still not the end of it since most governments are not recognizing the new leader as legit and the kicked-out […]

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