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Our Latest Luxury Tour Story – the Best of Colombia

Prior to now, our only luxury tour story on the ever-more-popular country of Colombia was on the Coffee Triangle region. We’ve remedied that now: first-time contributor Judith Fein gives us the lowdown on a private, customized tour of Colombia’s highlights set up by Adventure Associates. This tour took in the city many people fly to—Bogota—and […]

Our Most Popular Luxury Travel Stories and Reviews

I’ve run some blog posts before on the most popular luxury hotel reviews on our site and which tour stories are getting the most action. It varies a lot from month to month depending on what’s getting press elsewhere and when it’s vacation time in a specific place. February’s a month when a lot of […]

Tourism Tidbits from Latin America

There’s always a lot going on from a tourism standpoint in the dynamic region of Latin America. Generally we leave the travel news reporting to others, but here are some new and noteworthy developments we wanted to highlight. The Coffee Triangle of Columbia has just been approved as a new UNESCO World Heritage site. International […]

Hotel Boutique Ananda in Cartagena, Colombia

Whenever a city goes from relative obscurity to being “the hot place to visit” in the space of a decade or less, new boutique hotels pop up like mushrooms. The trouble with that, as I’ve seen personally in Buenos Aires and San Miguel de Allende, is that what looks great on a website often doesn’t […]

Feature Story on Colombia’s Coffee Triangle

Brew a strong cup of joe and then check out our newest travel feature: Exploring the Coffee Triangle of Colombia. This is a region of Colombia that doesn’t get many foreign tourists—yet. That means prices are about half what they are in Cartagena for comparable hotels and restaurants. Plus it’s a beautiful mountainous region and […]

Sazagua Boutique Hotel in Colombia’s Coffee Triangle

We just posted our review of the best little hotel in the Coffee Triangle region of central Colombia: Sazagua Hotel in Pereira. This is a stylish, artistic boutique hotel that is apt to please any cultured, well-traveled guest. It’s a clear step above most of the city business hotels and rustic hacienda hotels dotting the […]