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Hotel Boutique Ananda in Cartagena, Colombia

Whenever a city goes from relative obscurity to being “the hot place to visit” in the space of a decade or less, new boutique hotels pop up like mushrooms. The trouble with that, as I’ve seen personally in Buenos Aires and San Miguel de Allende, is that what looks great on a website often doesn’t [...]

Feature Story on Colombia’s Coffee Triangle

Brew a strong cup of joe and then check out our newest travel feature: Exploring the Coffee Triangle of Colombia. This is a region of Colombia that doesn’t get many foreign tourists—yet. That means prices are about half what they are in Cartagena for comparable hotels and restaurants. Plus it’s a beautiful mountainous region and [...]

Sazagua Boutique Hotel in Colombia’s Coffee Triangle

We just posted our review of the best little hotel in the Coffee Triangle region of central Colombia: Sazagua Hotel in Pereira. This is a stylish, artistic boutique hotel that is apt to please any cultured, well-traveled guest. It’s a clear step above most of the city business hotels and rustic hacienda hotels dotting the [...]

Latin American Airlines – Spirit Airlines

True, Spirit Airlines isn’t really from Latin America: their hub is in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. But they do fly direct to the following countries from the USA: Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, and Peru. Here’s a link to their route map. They now fly to four different destinations in Colombia. Last month [...]

A Coffee Triangle Tour in Colombia

While on my Spirit Air flight back from Armenia, Colombia the other day I put together a photo tour of the Coffee Triangle tour—with a bit of video. A few sites, a few hotels, ziplining through a coffee plantation, and more. Here’s a quick flavor of the region. A feature story will follow next month.