Costa Rica Travel Archive

Getting to Costa Rica – Probably Easier Than You Think

I’ve spent the past few days in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica, on the Papagayo Peninsula. I’ve hung out with a few other travel editors and some travel agents who handle upscale clients. The one perception issue that keeps coming up is that a lot of people think Costa Rica is remote, or hard [...]

Tourism Climbing in Central America

First it was Mexico reporting a big increase in tourism. They said the number of foreign visitors arriving at its airports the first eight months of the year were up 19.2 percent over the terrible 2009. Central American countries are starting to celebrate as well, with reports that there’s a full recovery going on across [...]

Rent a Car in Costa Rica, Get a Cell Phone

We frequently lash out at hotels and airlines that annoy their customers with lots of hidden fees and charge them for things that should be as standard—like Internet access in a hotel. So we like it when great companies stand out by taking the opposite approach, by over-delivering instead. Mead Brown Vacation Rentals in Costa [...]

Costa Rica Travel App You Can Trust

Want Costa Rica in the palm of your hand? If you’ve got an iPhone, a Touch, or an iPad, you’ve probably noticed that there are two and a half zillion apps out there to choose from, many of them barely worth the space they’re taking up on your handheld. But when one of our contributors [...]

Costa Rica Creating Medical Retirement Clusters

In a move designed to lure more Americans to Costa Rica, the country is designating certain areas with good medical facilities to be “retirement clusters.” The country wants to better compete with Panama and Mexico, both destinations that have lured lots of retirees with the combination of lower costs and good hospitals. The Tico Times [...]

Costa Rica Elects First Female President

Laura Chinchilla easily soared to victory yesterday and becomes Costa Rica’s first female president. Not so fortunate were any American tourists in the country who wanted to drink beer while watching the Saints beat the Colts in the Super Bowl—no alcohol on election day. Quite a few countries do this, apparently to keep the drunks [...]