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Green Galapagos Touring with Ecoventura

We’ve already run two Galapagos tour stories in the past, but though the animals and itineraries may be similar, all Galapagos cruises are not created equal. This time one of our writers went out with the most eco-friendly company plying these waters: Ecoventura. As a company that’s maintained Smart Voyager certification since 2000, you know [&hellip

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Video Tour of Mashpi Reserve Lodge in Ecuador

Last post I put up a slideshow of photos from Mashpi, a special cloudforest reserve I had the pleasure of exploring last week. But what does the resort itself look like? It’s not some bamboo bungalow place in rustic jungle style, that’s for sure. Magazine photographers have gone gaga over Mashpi because it’s a hip, [&hellip

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Scenes From the Cloudforest in Mashpi, Ecuador

I just spent two blissful days at the new Mashpi Reserve Lodge in Ecuador, on a huge private nature reserve about three hours northwest of Quito. Part of the area still has original first-growth forest, while other parts are a mad jungle of plants that have sprung up since logging ended a few decades ago. [&hellip

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The Shifting View of Quito’s Historic District

One big reason Quito, Ecuador gets photographers so excited is that you have a constantly shifting play of light around you. Quito is often sunny during the day, with clouds drifting by occasionally, then part of the year predictably rainy in the afternoon. This means a shot of one scene can vary quite a bit [&hellip

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The Galapagos in Style with Quasar

Want to kick back in style between your visits to Blue-footed Boobies and giant tortoises? Touring the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador is one of those “bucket list” experiences that many dream of doing at some point. Unlike seeing the Great Pyramids or taking a gondola ride through Venice, this one actually lives up to expectations. [&hellip

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New Ways of Experiencing the Galapagos Islands

One of the interesting, little-discussed aspects of touring the Galapagos is that most companies are booking quite similar tours. This is mostly for a very good reason: the fragile ecosystem needs us humans to stay the hell off most of the area, so there are strict limits in place as to where our feet can [&hellip

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