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Our Most Popular Luxury Travel Stories and Reviews

I’ve run some blog posts before on the most popular luxury hotel reviews on our site and which tour stories are getting the most action. It varies a lot from month to month depending on what’s getting press elsewhere and when it’s vacation time in a specific place. February’s a month when a lot of [...]

How Much Does It Cost to Retire in Latin America?

Although luxury real estate is by nature expensive in any country, there can be a huge variance from place to place. I had a bizarre juxtaposition illustration of this a couple weeks ago when I watched two House Hunters International shows back to back. In the first, a couple was looking for a beachfront home [...]

Real Estate in Cuenca, Ecuador

A place high on my list of potential real estate investments abroad is one I haven’t even stepped foot in yet: Cuenca, Ecuador. I was blown away by the prices I saw for land and houses in that area when I was looking at listings while in Quito and everything I’ve read about the city [...]

Sailing the Galapagos on the Sagitta

I will be detached from this blog and e-mail for a while as I’ll be sailing around the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador on the Sagitta 3-masted ship. The ship holds a maximum of 16 passengers, so I’ll be seeing the islands in an intimate fashion. Andando Tours is the one running the tours, operating ships [...]