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How Much Does It Cost to Retire in Latin America?

Although luxury real estate is by nature expensive in any country, there can be a huge variance from place to place. I had a bizarre juxtaposition illustration of this a couple weeks ago when I watched two House Hunters International shows back to back. In the first, a couple was looking for a beachfront home […]

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Real Estate in Cuenca, Ecuador

A place high on my list of potential real estate investments abroad is one I haven’t even stepped foot in yet: Cuenca, Ecuador. I was blown away by the prices I saw for land and houses in that area when I was looking at listings while in Quito and everything I’ve read about the city […]

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Sailing the Galapagos on the Sagitta

I will be detached from this blog and e-mail for a while as I’ll be sailing around the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador on the Sagitta 3-masted ship. The ship holds a maximum of 16 passengers, so I’ll be seeing the islands in an intimate fashion. Andando Tours is the one running the tours, operating ships […]

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