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Our Most Popular Luxury Travel Stories and Reviews

I’ve run some blog posts before on the most popular luxury hotel reviews on our site and which tour stories are getting the most action. It varies a lot from month to month depending on what’s getting press elsewhere and when it’s vacation time in a specific place. February’s a month when a lot of […]

Name Changes at Some Top Hotels

It’s hard to keep up with all the name changes at hotels across a region, even when you’re covering the industry on a regular basis. So in case you had your eye on any of these for a future booking, here’s a heads up that they’ve put up a new sign on the entrance. The […]

Which Luxury Hotels are Readers Checking Out the Most?

It’s always fascinating when I pull up the statistics for Luxury Latin America, partly because they change a fair bit from month to month, partly because I’m regularly surprised by which pages bubble to the top. Lots of factors influence who’s clicking on what: other media coverage, what’s coming up in searches, and where it’s […]

Surf and Turf at Kanantik in Belize

Many travelers who visit Belize for more than a quickie cruise ship stop like to do a “surf and turf” vacation: part of the time on the Caribbean, part of the time in the jungle. With a stay at Kanantik Reef and Jungle Resort, you can do both in one place. Located on an isolated […]

Upscale Condo Hotels in Belize

Most of the luxury hotels we feature are full-service affairs since, as we’ve said many times, it’s the staff attention that really separates a great hotel from an average one. There are times, however, when you want something that falls somewhere between a villa rental and a straight hotel. You want a kitchen and plenty […]

Upscale Family Adventure Travel in Belize

I just got the story posted from my family adventure excursion in Belize this past summer. We avoided the cruise ship crowds and Ambergris vacationers to explore the wilder side of Belize. After perusing a bunch of itineraries from upscale tour companies, I decided to use three of the best adventure lodges in the country […]