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A Luxury Wellness Resort in Nuevo Vallarta

In a resort area where there are seemingly hundreds of similar hotels and timeshares crammed into every available beachfront space, how do you stand out with a new hotel? In the case of Taheima in the Puerto Vallarta region of Mexico, the answer is to ignore the hedonism and focus on wellness instead. Taheima is [...]

Imanta Jungle and Beach Hideaway in Punta de Mita

Less than an hour from the Puerto Vallarta airport is a new and unbelievable luxury resort that is sure to become a preferred new hideout for celebrities trying to escape the gossip rags – Imanta. The more years I work as a travel writer and editor, the harder it is for me to be truly [...]

Our Most Popular Luxury Hotel Reviews

Which luxury hotels in Latin America are readers clicking on the most? There’s nothing slightly scientific about this since popularity can be driven by many things: a write-up in a magazine, a hotel being on TV, or a link from another popular website. Still, it’s interesting to take a look at which hotels are getting [...]

La Amada Plants the Luxury Flag in Playa Mujeres

Mexico’s Fonotur government agency is legendary in the tourism industry. When it decides to turn an isolated stretch of beach into a row of tourism factories, look out! Their record includes Cancun, the Riviera Maya, Ixtapa, and Nuevo Vallarta—for a start. On deck right now is Playa Mujeres, the area north of Cancun and confusingly [...]

Being a Finicky Hotel Guest (for a Good Reason)

I’ve long enjoyed The Finicky Traveler weekend column at the Wall Street Journal. It’s one of the few print columns that isn’t afraid to say when a luxury hotel falls short of expectations—or downright blows it. “In more than 10 years of writing this newspaper’s Finicky Traveler column, I’ve had my share of unpleasant experiences: [...]