Mexico Hotels Archive

Hotel Brick in Mexico City’s Roma Neighborhood

We’ve been meaning to review Mexico City’s Hotel Brick for a while now, since it opened in 2010. But something kept coming up—like them being closed for a week last time I was in town. Thankfully we have one trusted writer in D.F. who was able to get by and spend some time there recently. [...]

3 of the Best Hotels in Mazatlan

Mazatlan is not known as a luxury travel destination and to be honest it’s still got a ways to go to get there. With such heavy competition down the coast in Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos, Mazatlan will probably always be more comfortable with its good value reputation than with placing huge development bets on [...]

The Best Luxury Hotels in Morelia

Back in May we posted reviews of the three best hotels in Morelia, Mexico, but I’m just now getting around to linking to two of them from here on the blog. Both of these are right by the main cathedral, as close as you can possibly get to the center of the city. The top [...]

Casa Lucila in Old Mazatlan, Mexico

I spent a week checking out the luxury travel scene in Mazatlan, Mexico recently to fill a whole we’ve had in our coverage. This is not known as a real luxury travel destination compared to some other Pacific Coast resort areas, but there are a few gems around if you know where to look. The [...]

Video Tour of Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay in Mazatlan

In June we’ll be posting detailed reviews of the three top hotels in Mazatlan, Mexico and after that a story on the real estate scene there. Meanwhile, here’s a video tour of luxury resort Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay so you can get a feel for the pool, beach and rooms. Enjoy! (P.S. – If you [...]

Video Tour of Estrella del Mar Las Villas, Mazatlan

I am currently on the ground doing research in Mazatlan, Mexico, where we haven’t previously featured any hotels. I will be adding reviews of three in the coming weeks. One is the Las Villas hotel at Estrella del Mar, near the airport in Mazatlan. This is part of a large housing, condo, and golf resort [...]