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Value Spirits from Panama and Mexico

Sometimes on this luxury blog I’ll review high-end liquor that’s worth the premium. Let’s face it though: even the wealthiest travelers don’t stick to top-shelf spirits all the time, especially when ordering a cocktail or three. Plus half the fun of traveling somewhere foreign is trying out the local food and drinks. Here are two [...]

Latin American Spirits – Espolón Tequila

This tequila brand made me smile before I even popped the top on the bottle. That’s because Espólon tequila bottles don’t try to justify a high price with hand-blown glass or fancy caps. Instead they wrap the bottles in fantastic illustrations from the famous Mexican artist/printmaker José Guadalupe Posada. He’s the artist who is most [...]

Day of the Dead Tequila Cocktails

I’m currently in central Mexico, where the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebrations are in full swing. Here the dead get remembered in strange and wonderful ways. Visiting the graves. Building alters in the home that are full of symbolism—and the favorite food and drinks of the deceased. Making special rolls and [...]

Tequila Taste Test – Gran Centenario Reposado

After two weekends of somebody going “I can’t believe we drank that whole bottle in one night,” it’s a sign that I need to do a write-up on Gran Centenario Tequila. I’m living in Mexico right now and there’s a whole different pantheon of respected tequila brands than what you find in the U.S. First [...]

Latin American Spirits – Tequila Corralejo

If you’ve ever spent much time browsing the tequila shelves in Mexico, you’ve no doubt run across the striking slender bottles of Tequila Corralejo. I say “ever” because this was probably the first tequila brand to really differentiate itself with unusual packaging, long before the premium tequila boom hit the U.S. and companies started putting [...]