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Those who have been following this site for a while have noticed we have taken our good old time adding Brazil to the listings of Luxury Latin America. This is a very large country and it's a daunting process, so our initial coverage will just be hotels in the two main cities. We will expand as time goes on. We have also delayed, however, due to lower demand for Brazil information from Luxury Travelers. While Brazil is very popular with wealthy travelers within South America, it has not been so high on the list for North Americans and Europeans. Spotty flight coverage, crime problems, a high visa fee and a lack of high-end operators have all contributed to visitor numbers that are low considering the country's wealth of attractions. Few will deny that Brazil has the best beaches in South America, as well as the best music. For jungle, nature, and Amazon adventure activities, there is plenty to occupy you for months. You'll have to bring along a Portuguese phrasebook instead of a Spanish one, but we'll try to guide you to the hotels and tour companies that will best enhance your stay in the land of Samba.

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