Just when you start thinking there must surely be a limit to how much money the super-rich have to burn, a story comes along to show us differently. Apparently the world’s largest jet will not go into commercial use, but is being bought by an unnamed Middle Eastern head of state. For $300 million. That doesn’t even include the interior, which will cost an estimated $100 million to $150 million more. Here’s the article, One “World’s Biggest Jet” Please.
Just for comparison, the total tab is higher than any yacht ever built and over three times the price of any house on the market anywhere in the world. Oh, but they are figuring out how to include a screening room and a whirlpool tub at least.

Just one little hitch: the thing is too big to land at anything less than a major airport. So they can forget the private airstrips and high-end ski resort towns.