Guests who use an American Express card in 2007 and book through Preferred hotels can get some extras with their room rate, which happens to also be discounted as well. Preferred is one of those umbrella groups representing a variety of hotels, so you’ve got to go search the list to figure out if any coincide with your travel plans.

These aren’t all luxury hotels, despite what the marketing may say, but there are some notable ones scattered around Latin America. Ones we have reviews posted on already include Quinta Real in Guadalajara, and Ceiba del Mar in Puerto Morales (near Cancun).

Extras can include a room upgrade, bottle of wine or champagne, or a hotel-specific amenity. Preferred’s web site doesn’t make this easy to figure out, however, so you might want to call the reservations number to figure out what’s really included: 877-323-7505