Le Blanc Cancun review

We have a generally positive review of Le Blanc Spa Resort in our growing Mexico section of Luxury Latin America, but there’s no way to anticipate whether a place is going to blow it sometime along the way though and it looks like Le Blanc is blowing it bigtime on some weeks. Here’s the full story on HotelChatter: Le Blanc Cancun Under Fire Over Kosher Weekend.

Apparently more than a few guests have gotten ticked off by the hotel’s decision to turn the place kosher for a week each year to accommodate a specific big-spending group. This has meant getting rid of all the alcohol and making the normally sleek adults-only resort kid-friendly as well. Tolerable maybe if you know all this in advance and don’t mind kids and no cocktails, but infuriating if you don’t, especially since some who had reservations had to leave and stay elsewhere.

This isn’t the only place something like this has happened, but it’s not a good sign. Any hotel willing to take a short-term payoff that will alienate independent travelers doesn’t get the whole concept of long-term superior service. When word spreads this quickly among current and future guests, it can bring down a place’s reputation in no time.

Word to the wise though: always ask if any large groups or special events are going on at any hotel you don’t know well before you book the rooms—preferably by e-mail so you have it in writing.