Isla Holbox Casa SandraForbesTraveler interviewed me as one of the sources for this Mexico Deluxe Guide. It’s a collection of stories on Mexico’s beaches, festivals, shopping, and more. You have to skip past an annoying intro ad and as usual with Forbes’ online sections the pages are so busy that it’s like a treasure hunt trying to read anything without getting overwhelmed by all the text and images coming from every direction.

Once you find your way to the stories though, there is some solid information. If you’ve got some extra money to blow, you can check out the “10 Most Expensive Tequilas.” Or the spiciest chilis. A nice touch is how they gathered together some great quotes from past writers on Mexico, like Graham Greene, Jack Keruoac, and Tennessee Williams.

I think the best beaches of Mexico are the ones you don’t share with hordes of other people (like this one on Isla Holbox), but the slide show is nice anyway.

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