Quito luxury boutique hotel

We’re starting to read more about Quito in the travel news, which usually means either A) the local tourism office has started to get their act together and spend a significant chunk of money on PR and advertising or B) a new luxury hotel has opened up (or is about to). Call us cynical, but you seldom see much in the likes of Travel & Leisure unless these elements are in place.

They are in place in Quito, as recently noted in the Globorati blog. “No longer just a pit-stop on the way to the world’s most famous tortoises, Quito’s World Heritage historic center is reaping the benefits of a $200-million, seven-year makeover.”

If you’re one of those poor saps like me that is living in the land of the plunging dollar, there’s another reason to like Quito: the U.S. dollar is their currency, so no painful decline there.

We think you’ll be hearing more about this city in the years to come, especially since the city’s tourism bureau just hired they guy who wrote our Ecuador luxury hotel reviews.