Just when you think Costa Rica is heading to the visitor breaking point, out comes a rash of new developments showing us that they still plan to bring in planeloads more people every year. As noted in Jaunted, Delta is increasing its weekly flights from 38 to 45 – just from New York.

First up, Mandarin Oriental is coming to Guanacaste. We’re not sure how Oriental and Latin will go together, but Francis Ford Coppola seemed to pull it off okay with Turtle Inn, so we’ll see.

There are new Four Seasons Hotels planned too. This announcement was so big the president showed up for it. There’s already one Four Seasons in Costa Rica, but with Ritz-Carlton supposedly scouting out spots as well, they are probably feeling the (tropical) heat.

Meanwhile, former AOL head Steve Case has announced a huge $800 million project in Guanacaste that would be run by Miraval and One & Only, plus have the requisite condos to bring in more cash. There’s just one problem: the government rejected the plans. Back to the drawing board.