I try to present the ugly as well as the pretty in this Luxury Latin America blog and on that note, be sure to pack plenty of DEET mosquito repellent if you are heading to Costa Rica. My local ad sales guy based there just got hit with dengue fever. He says, “We have such a bad case of Dengue right now that there are about 28 dengue “hot-spots” within San Jose.

Unfortunately, he is not alone in coming down with it. According to this article, Dengue Fever Forces State of Emergency in Costa Rica, 2007 has been a very bad year for the disease. “There have been over 10,000 cases by August this year whereas for the entire year of 2006 there were only 11,000 cases.”

In all fairness to Costa Rica, other parts of Latin America are also having problems. Mexico seems to have done more to stem the spread, but there has been a big jump in Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela according to this AP article.

Unlike with malaria, there’s no vaccine you can take to better your chances of avoiding dengue. You just have to be really careful about keeping the mosquitoes at bay. So if you are going to Costa Rica on vacation or to scope out property, stock up on repellent and I would also suggest picking up some BUZZ OFF Clothing from ExOfficio.com for extra protection.