We are continually adding hotels to places we haven’t gotten to yet (Acapulco and Zihuatanejo coming soon), but we also add to places we have covered when one of our contributors gets wind of a fantastic place we’ve missed. That’s the case with Colemé Estancia and Bodega, an Argentine hotel that manages to deliver a luxury experience despite its remote location far from the nearest cities, Salta and Cafayate.

Colome Estancia

The lovely photo above, from the reviewer Claire Edrich, sums up the appeal of this estancia, where rugged landscapes mix with well-honed aesthetics and fine food. Colomé has a claim to fame as well: the oldest working winery in Argentina. The bodega is also purported to be the highest in the world, though with vineyards popping up nearly everywhere these days, who knows how long that will last.

Just figure on some serious transit time to get here before you get to swim in the pool, settle into one of nine rooms, and enjoy organic food with a variety of local wine.

Driving to Colomé takes about five hours from Salta City or slightly less from Cafayate. Although roads are quite rough in places they’re also rewarding and lead through some of the most beautiful scenery Argentina has to offer. This includes an accessible canyon, shady amphitheater with excellent acoustics, a Cactus Park, frontier–type villages, a barren desert, and opulently fertile oases. If you are unwilling or unable to travel by car you can arrange direct transfer by private plane or helicopter.

If you go for the latter options, however, you will miss out on some fantastic scenery. I haven’t been to this particular hotel, but I have been to the canyon area between Salta and Cafayate and the landscape remains one of my most vivid memories of Argentina.

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