explora easter island

We just posted a review of the new luxury hotel on Easter Island: Explora Posada de Mike Rapu. It’s also known as Explora en Rapa Nui, which makes more sense. My guess is that most people will just end up calling it Explora Easter Island. (Or “that hotel on Easter Island that doesn’t suck.”)

This is from the same people who opened the Explora hotels in Chile (and the architect also involved in Remota—Germán del Sol) and lead tours in Patagonia. These hotels have set the Chilean standard for mixing local elements with a strong sense of design. Our reviewer says, “It’s stylish but at the same time rough and ready, with thick stone pillars of volcanic rock and unpolished, unpainted wood.”

This remote island has a reputation for terrible food, so it’s encouraging to hear that the cuisine here is top-notch. Rates are priced accordingly, with everything wrapped into an all-inclusive package. But why not splurge? This probably is a true “once-in-a-lifetime experience.” Who goes to Easter Island twice?

Unfortunately, Explora hasn’t caught on to the whole global warming and conservation story. There’s a whole lot of waste and not much care about it, again showing us that too many executives think luxury travelers don’t give a damn about the planet. Hopefully those that do will speak up and things will improve on this fragile Rapa Nui island–already wrecked once by short-sighted inhabitants.