While in Panama I had the pleasure of staying at The Bristol in Panama City. This is a fine hotel that is the best choice in town if you’re looking for the prestige address. (Several of the new James Bond movie actors were checking out as I checked in.) Here’s a video tour of one of the rooms on the top floor:
[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuuWrtvorQs 383 320]

As you can hopefully tell from this, rooms near the top have an excellent view of the skyline. Here is a photo that captures it more clearly. With construction going up all around, last year’s great view can be tomorrow’s view of a construction site, though this spot in the banking district seems more immune to that than the ones right on the water.

bristol Panama view

There are two quirks to this hotel that keep it from being ideal for everyone though. It’s small and seemingly understaffed at times, with the two front desk clerks (who double as concierges) constantly disappearing into a back room every time they have to print something out. Also, there’s no swimming pool—in a city that is hot 12 months of the year. If “hop to it” service and lounging in a pool are important to you, check out one of our other luxury Panama Hotel reviews. (Note that there’s no pool at the other luxe boutique hotel either–Hotel DeVille.)