The Llao Llao Hotel and Resort in Argentina is one of the continent’s most famous and most interesting hotels, with a fantastic location on a hillside facing snowcapped mountains and a beautiful lake. Like many historic lodges around the world, however, there’s just one drawback: small rooms built for a time when people didn’t expect so much space in their sleep quarters.

Before the Llao Llao guests who weren’t price sensitive and wanted to upgrade had to fight over the few suites in the building. That’s all history now as the long-awaited Moreno Lake Wing is officially finished and open. There are 43 new rooms and suites, adding 25 percent to the hotel’s capacity. The whole wing is on a hillside below the main building though, so it doesn’t block anyone’s view.

These 43 new suites increase the Hotel capacity by 25%. They cover 7.000 sq. mts.┬ in six┬ 3 and 4-storey modules of rooms leaning on the side of the hill┬ that overlooks Moreno Lake,┬ ┬ ┬ since this wing is┬ below the Hotel level┬ it does not interfere with the view to and from the lake.

The 23 Deluxe Moreno Lake Studios are spacious single rooms with a terrace. The 17 Deluxe Moreno Lake Suites have two rooms with a total area of at least 645 square feet (60 to 63 square meters), all of them with a terrace.

There are also two Master Suites over 1,000 square feet each, plus a terrace, and the even larger Moreno Lake Royal Suite. All rooms have huge windows that showcase the unique view of Moreno Lake and Mt. Tronador, have a jacuzzi (built for two people in the suites), LCD TV set, Wi-Fi Internet and safe box.

This wing will function like a VIP area or executive level, with an independent access for cars and its own reception area and cozy lounge facing the marina.
Unfortunately, Llao Llao doesn’t seem to understand the importance of image: the only photos available of the new wing’s rooms are these tiny grainy ones we found on a press release.