Duvall House of Jasmines

Wayne Bernardson, the Argentina guidebook writer who runs the Southern Cone Travel blog, tipped us off last week that actor Robert Duvall and his wife have sold the House of Jasmines ranch hotel in Salta, Argentina. We had trouble confirming the news, but it appears to be a done deal: there was a report in the L.A. Times and it looks from the website like the new owners are the same ones running the El Colibri estancia in Cordoba (which we’ll have a review of soon).

It’s kind of hard to imagine this inn without its old owner, since there was a giant movie photo of him over the mantle in the main lounge and mementos of his were all over the house, like whips and cowboy hats. I can’t imagine that he needed the money, but maybe the chance to sell the 300 acres and hotel at at 400% profit (or more, we would guess) was too much to pass up. Or perhaps he just got tired of the hassle of maintaining three pieces of real estate. If you want to clear this up Mr. Duvall, please have your people call our people and let’s do lunch.