In the June ’08 issue of Conde Nast Traveler there’s a rundown of the best golf resorts in the world, as chosen by subscribers. The very top spot goes to one in Mexico: Four Seasons Punta Mita.

In all fairness though, If you’ve ever actually taken one of those Conde Nast Traveler reader surveys, you must be someone with a lot of time and patience. Last time I tried it—in the interest of professional research even—I gave up halfway through. I had already spent 17 minutes on it, was 29 screens in, and looked like I was still only halfway done. (Who knows, there’s no indicator to tell you.)

So I’m always a bit skeptical of the results, since people who really travel a lot and get paid the big bucks aren’t usually very willing to give up an hour of their well-paid time to fill out a survey. That leaves the people who have nothing better to and the ones who are forced to do it by their employers. (Hey, get subscriptions for all your staffers, have them each go in and do the survey, and voila–you have a close to perfect score!)

But back to the results. Let’s assume anyone could argue about any of these since very few people have played and stayed are more than a handful, but here are the ones in Mexico that scored highly in addition to the Four Seasons near Puerto Vallarta.

Westin Resort and Spa – Los Cabos, Mexico
One & Only Palmilla – Los Cabos, Mexico

You can read about both these in our article on Golfing in Los Cabos.

That leaves out a lot of stunning places, like the Tamarindo golf resort between Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo and a few others at Los Cabos, not to mention Llao Llao in Patagonia or, say, half of Scotland. But naturally, the problem with reader surveys is that places that draw the biggest crowds are going to get more votes. (Most of the resorts were in the U.S.)