Palermo Nicaragua

You don’t hear “luxury hotels” and “Nicaragua” together very often, but there are a scattering of above-average places to lay you head there and we’ve just posted reviews of them. Follow this link for the best hotels in Nicaragua.

Some of them are going to involve a bit of compromise; don’t expect the city hotels to be on par with what you would find in Mexico. The business chain hotels will meet expectations though, especially considering the price, and the hotels in Leon and Granada are in evocative colonial buildings that retain their character.

The real action at the top end of the scale is on the Pacific beaches around San Juan del Sur. There you will find two fine resorts that are on par with what is on offer in nearby Costa Rica, but at a considerably lower rate. These are Palermo Villas Hotel and Resort (pictured above) and the chic eco-lodge Morgan’s Rock.

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