Honduras Copan

We recently posted a story I wrote after a tour of Honduras, called Honduras Above the Water.

For a variety of good reasons, I’ve never gotten certified as a scuba diver. I’m usually pretty content to go snorkeling anyway and haven’t had some “must do before I die” driving force to get me under the water. As I traveled around Honduras I discovered that I was not alone. While Roatan remains the big draw for the country, mostly attracting divers, there’s a lot more to the area than fish and coral below the surface.

So I spent a few days on Roatan with the other non-divers, then set out for Pico Bonito National Park and then the archeological ruins of Copan. From a tourism standpoint it’s still a place in flux, still finding its feet, but it’s one of the best values on the planet if you don’t need marble palaces and a steady flow of hip fusion food piled in a tower. Go check out our wrap-up, or go read the reviews of the best hotels in Honduras.