rental villa JacoNow and then we’ll get e-mails from readers asking why we don’t review rental villas in Latin America since we cover hotels. Their point being, for groups or families, renting a villa or a condo makes a lot more sense than staying in a hotel since there’s more space, a kitchen, and maybe a private cook.

They’re right of course, but for us it’s a matter of that being more than we can manage. If we just covered Los Cabos or the west coast of Costa Rica, it might be doable. We’re Luxury Latin America though, bringing you the best of the best from the Rio Grande down to the tip of Patagonia. Getting a handle on the constantly shifting villa rental scene on two continents would be impossible to do in a thorough way.

That doesn’t mean we’ll ignore rental homes completely though. Our new luxury tour feature this week is on a villa vacation in Costa Rica, on the Pacific Coast near Jaco.

Our correspondent set up a short villa stay with activities through Mead Brown, an agency that specializes in high-end rental property in Costa Rica. You simply tell the agency what you’re looking to do and they’ll take care of all the arrangements. In this case, it was golf, ziplining, horseback riding, and getting up close and personal with huge crocodiles.