I spent 10 days in Mexico City this past month and I checked out all the top hotels we have reviewed, plus a few others that were possible contenders.

Our correspondent there, Shooka Shemirani, did a great job earlier when she tapped the top five hotels in Mexico City. The only one that was borderline that I am going to add is the J.W. Marriott. We have always featured its neighbor the W, but this one is for those more conservative travelers who don’t want to squeeze past the crowds at a hugely popular bar to get to their room. Plus only the Four Seasons has more Mercedes cars pulling in and out each hour.

I’m normally not a fan of Marriotts anywhere since they have traditionally been the ultimate cookie-cutter hotel chain. As I toured the brand new regular Marriott near the U.S. embassy, the PR person proudly told me that “all the furniture and fixtures were imported from the U.S.” That’s supposed to be a good thing—that the rooms in Mexico’s capital look just like the ones in Montclair, NJ? But this J.W. Marriott was actually built as a Mandarin Oriental originally and the rooms have enough of Mexico in them that you know where you are when you wake up in the morning. It’s also half the size of the InterContinental and Nikko hotels on the same block, so the service feels more personal.

The other hotel we’re adding isn’t open yet. It’s called Las Alcobas and is instantly going to be the best non-chain hotel in town when the first guests arrive in March or so. Its high-end restaurant, Nemi, is open already and is fantastic. Here’s a shot of one of the rooms.

Las Alcobas Mexico City