At times when we are touring a city in the Americas we see old photos of “how it used to be” and it’s hard for us to grasp how much things really have changed in the space of less than a century. Here are two interesting paragraphs I pulled from the history pages of Hotel Geneve in Mexico City.

It was 1907 when Canadian born architect Thomas Sinclair Gore fulfilled his dream of opening this grand hotel in Colonia Juarez, which back then was on the outskirts of Mexico city; at the time a bustling 650,000 inhabitants.

In February 1921, while President Alvaro Obregón launched his plan to make Mexico grow into a touristy center, nice lodging rooms were counted all over the country; they totalized 1000, 400 of which were in the capital city and of those, 200 belonged to the Hotel Genève.

A thousand decent rooms in the whole country!

This 1907 hotel does not have fine enough rooms to qualify it for our luxury hotel listings in Mexico, but it’s definitely worth stopping by its Zona Rosa address for a cocktail or meal. The lobby and bar are both spectacular and you really get transported back to an age when this was a very different city.