I dare you to read the headline above aloud and not smile. C’mon, it’ll make your day a little brighter.

Yes, we have posted a review of Hotel Titilaka, which is located on Lake Titilaka, near Puno in Peru. On most counts this looks to be the best bet in the area overall, especially when it comes to service. It is run by Andean Experience, the tour company also managing the Urubamba Villas I reviewed myself a while back, after staying there this past December and doing a guided day-long hike nearby.

Naturally then, the focus is as much on the activities as the structure. Excursions included in the rates include bike rides, hikes, boat rides, and visits to island villages.

This one was covered by contributor Emma Fox, who is just now returning from a trip to the Atacama Desert. We’ll have reviews of the best hotels there and a tour story as well from her in a few weeks. Here’s what she had to say about Titilaka:

Far from the hustle and haphazard bustle of Puno, Titilaka is pure paradise for honeymooners, photographers and bird watching enthusiasts. Titilaka has managed to seamlessly merge the rich influences of the surrounding Andean community with an idyllic upscale experience, while respecting its undisturbed natural beauty as a carbon-neutral property. Sometimes, a stay at a luxury property can feel fraught with formalities and details, but from the moment you enter Titilaka, the slow idyll and sophistication feels just right.