Aeromexico (or Aeroméxico if you’re reading it in Spanish) is the other side of the two-headed legacy carrier coin in Mexico, the other being Mexicana. Aeromexico prides itself on going above and beyond what’s considered normal service these days in the airline industry and returning us to a time when you actually looked forward to flying.

I flew from Chicago to Mexico City earlier this year on Aeromexico and since I don’t have any miles with them, I couldn’t upgrade from coach. Coach on this airline is far more pleasant than it is on say, Delta, however. They still serve you complimentary food and drinks for one thing, and what you get is pretty decent, especially by today’s standards. The drink choices in coach include 100% agave tequila, Corona beer, and Grand Marnier. If you’re in business class add Chivas Regal and good wine to the mix. Breakfast on the way back was as good as something on the go from the airport, including some nice fresh fruit.

Your actual seat comfort depends a lot on which plane you’re on, and with 11 different models in use, it’s hard to know what you’ll be on until you look it up. Seat pitch can range from a tight 31 inches on a Boing 737-700 to a much nicer 34 inches on a 777. The smaller Embrauer planes (used more on domestic routes) are the usual claustrophobic tubes and are at the bottom for seat pitch.

Business class, called “Premier” here, is rather underwhelming on most routes. The actual seats are only an inch or two wider and seat pitch is a rather average 60 inches. Both coach and business class are getting an upgrade for long-haul flights though, so if you are going all the way to South America you will probably get more space and an entertainment system. On both flights I found the bilingual attendants to be professional, courteous, and ready to please.

There’s no luggage charge for one bag up to 55 pounds in coach, two bags are allowed for Premier Class customers. An additional one is allowed for both classes on long-haul flights.

The Mexico City business lounge piles on the perks, with a Riedel wine room, showers, and a spa.

They have a Skyteam alliance with Delta (and for now Continental), but apparently you’ll only earn partner miles if you pay full fare or close to it: there’s an alphabet soup of fare classes that don’t qualify. I couldn’t really complain though: the fare I paid was $100 less than what I would have paid on any other carrier, yet I deplaned far more satisfied on both legs than I usually am when going back and forth to Mexico. I would definitely book with Aeromexico again.