A little over a year ago I had the pleasure of taking a two-ocean tour with Panama Marine Adventures on the M.V. Discovery. I wrote a detailed article about the experience that you can find in our luxury tours section: A Two-ocean Yacht Tour in Panama.

When I remembered to pull out my little digicam, I shot some video as well. That part is easy. As you will understand though if you hold down a job and are a parent, actually getting that video from raw footage into edited form is not something that happens without putting it high on the to-do list. I finally got around to it though and cut the footage down to four manageable minutes.

If you’d like to see some highlights of this tour along both coasts and through the canal (minus the Darien Gap tribes visit), check it out below. Note that YouTube now has a HQ button at the bottom of the player for “high quality.” This makes a huge difference if you have the bandwidth.