You can combine the space One & Only Palmillaof a villa with access to resort facilities at this new 4-bedroom villa at theĀ One & Only Palmilla in San Jose del Cabo.

I’m in the Los Cabos area right now, checking out what’s new on the luxury hotel scene here, at a time when it’s very easy to do so since there’s hardly anyone else around. (More on that later.)

Yes, that picture above is of the private infinity pool, which is part of an outdoor terrace right on the ocean with a barbeque pit, lounge chairs, and a dining table. You don’t have to actually do any cooking though since a staff of 12—including two chefs—have the job of making sure your party is happy. There are four bedrooms and spectacular baths, one of the rooms pictured below. (See the telescope is for whale watching or stargazing.)

The extras really make it though. There’s a full office with leather floors and all the needed gadgets to make some day trades to finance your tab of $8K to $12K per night. Then when everyone gets tired of walking the beach and eating, there is a fantastic private theater that had an investment of a million dollars in soundproofing. Some 1,500 movies are queued up and ready for you all to watch on a screen that’s as wide as the room itself. There’s also a private excercise room and massage room as part of the complex.

You might not want to leave, but if you do you can take advantage of the stellar restaurants and other facilities at One & Only Palmilla—clearly one of the best resorts in the region.